FIM4L is an international activity with members from at least 4 continents. The European branch has also organized as a LIBER working group. Further information on that LIBER working group can be found at:


Following institutions and people are behind FIM4L:

Libraries, institutions to which a library belongs and library associations

  • LIBER as umbrella organisation of European research libraries: Andrej Vrčon
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands: Jos Westerbeke, University Library
  • Duke University, US: Rob Carter
  • CzechELib – National Centre for Electronic Information Resources, Czech Republic: Jiri Pavlik
  • Library, Switzerland: Andreas Waldvogel
  • Maastricht University, Netherlands: Ivo Zelis, University Library
  • Moravian Library, Brno, Czech Republic: Petr Zabicka
  • State Library Berlin, Germany: Gerrit Gragert
  • University of Essex, UK: Caroline Checkley, University Library
  • University of Illinois, US: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, University Library
  • Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands: Peter Vanboheemen, University Library

Infrastructure providers (GEANT, NRNs and Computing centers)

  • GEANT: Licia Florio, Nicole Harris
  • DFN, Germany: Wolfgang Pempe
  • CESNET, Czech Republic: Ilona Trtikova
  • Eko-Konnect, Nigeria: Owen Iyoha
  • GARR, Italy: Barbara Monticini, Davide Vaghetti
  • Internet2, USA: Ken Klingenstein, Nick Roy
  • JISC, UK: Stefan Paetow
  • SURFnet, Netherlands: Raoul Teeuwen, Maarten Kremers (also REFEDS)
  • UbuntuNet Alliance (regional REN for southern and eastern Africa), Malawi: Chris Rohrer
  • WACREN, regional REN for West and Central Africa: Omo OAIYA

IT Consultancies, Service Providers, Standards Organisations

  • DAASI International, Germany: Peter Gietz, David Hübner
  • LibLynx, USA: Tim Lloyd (also RA21)
  • OCLC, USA: Sander Engelberts, Judith Bush (also SeamlessAccess)
  • Spherical Cow Consulting, USA: Heather Flanagan (also SeamlessAccess)
  • NISO, USA: Jason Griffey (also SeamlessAccess)
  • ORCID, USA: Chris Schillum (also SeamlessAccess)



  • Elsevier, The Netherlands etc.: Meshna Koren